Edu Trust Logo 13 Feb 2025

Uwing International School

CPE Reg No.: 201416792M

Registration Period: 1 October 2020 – 30 September 2024

Our Vision: To be a cradle of global bilingual talents

Our Mission: To foster passion in learning and creative thinking

Our Core Values: Unity, Wisdom, Integrity, Nobility, Gracefulness

Uwing Education excels in providing quality Courses for International Students. In order to ensure that each student can achieve excellent results from their lessons, we emphasize strict attendance at classes. With the help of experienced teachers and excellent learning tools, creating a cutting-edge learning environment, our goal is to improve students’ ability to think through problems as they improve their fundamentals. This will stimulate their interest in learning and boost their self-confidence.  Our curriculum is geared to each student’s learning ability in tandem with their academic level.

We have a high leverage teaching practice, adapting curriculum tasks and materials as needed. This is especially helpful for our students who need further training in the fundamentals of the English language. Every effort at the School is geared towards our students’ success at the “Admission Exercises for International Students “(AEIS) examination held in Singapore.  This examination gives foreign students the opportunity to be admitted into the local mainstream Government Schools.

English is scaffolded into different components comprising Composition, Grammar, Cloze, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Students are thus able to focus on areas in which they are lacking.  Scaffolding is applied to all the other subjects. Topics are broken down into sequential learning modules for improved understanding and retention.

We believe in innovative and interactive education. Simultaneously, Uwing provides students with challenging learning materials to ensure they are well equipped for their examination.